Tuesday, March 12, 2013

PICS OF THE HOOD: Dreams Come True

Last night, I was re-living this phase of George Michael's career while walking my dog along a main drag in my neighborhood.  A regular old Monday night.  "Gotta get up to get down," I sang at people I passed.  Dancing along and along some more, not seeing anything much except the movie in my mind-- until-- all of the sudden, with great force to my eyeballs, this appeared:

I have no idea whose face that is.  Is he the person whose dreams come true?  What were his dreams?  Is there a real-life, flesh-and-blood rendition of this bespectacled graffito?  Or-- is this even the likeness of the artist?  Was this face invented from scratch?  Does it represent someone/something?  What's happening in his beard?

Part of me senses an egg-on-my-face situation lurking.  As in: this is the face the lead singer of a band I should know or something.

The graffiti is on the side of a building that has two commercial occupants.  One of those occupants is the Manila Forwarders business.  What dreams do Manila Forwarders dream, I wonder?

The other occupant is a massage place.  Sometimes I dream of getting a massage.  Not usually at 8:30pm on a Monday night, for some reason.  But good to know that if I ever do dream that dream, there's a place it can come true.

In an odd way, I found the graffiti comforting.  Unexpected reminders that dreams come true are always welcome.