Sunday, November 4, 2012

PICS OF THE HOOD: Sad Man-Chicken

A story, in pictures, to be told of a street called Figueroa.

Sunny day, not much traffic, walking along...
wait a second...
what's that...
That thing on the roof, across the street?

Looks like there's a note, written in the concrete 
(sometimes this happens in my hood):

Oh, a BiRd?  Thisaway, and thataway...

That thing, up on the roof of that Salvadoran restaurant?  It's a bird, yes, but...
it seems to be more than just a bird.
Is that a chicken...
wearing a shirt?  

No! It's a sad-eyed man-chicken! With broad shoulders and strong arms and
delicately articulated fingers that gingerly balance a family-size bucket against his chest.
Gaze into his unhappy eyes and see his man-chicken soul!

Does he know, on some animal level, that his fellow chickens kicked it in that bucket?
Or is he more man than chicken, and his sadness derives from a human consciousness of his interspecies state?

His eyes, they plead.
"Forgive me," they say.  "For I have eaten so much chicken that I became one."