Sunday, February 26, 2012

PICS OF THE HOOD: Apologetic Enfrigolada Man

As I was walking my dog tonight (listening to this song on repeat), I realized that I should really take more pictures of my neighborhood.  Specifically, I should be better about documenting the variety of signs and other forms of display in the commercial area along the main street.  Because: 

Oh um...heeeey.  Hey, I'm just hanging out,  hawking enchiladas.  Yeah.  Listen, they wanted me to wear this hat, so...yeah no, the white pants weren't my idea either.  No, I don't think they're flattering...sigh.    

I saw this, and was inspired.  I'm officially launching a new Frankenfeature: pics of the 'hood.  This inaugural edition stars the Apologetic Enfrigolada Man.  Doesn't he look a bit chagrined?  Like you accidentally came upon him in the middle of doing something...that he wishes you hadn't caught him doing?  Or like he's a little nonplussed to be parked on the sidewalk, silently informing you of today's specials?  Maybe he's embarrassed at the sign's spelling mistake.  If he is feeling that way, my name for him is especially cutting.

It's OK, Apologetic Enfrigolada Man.  You belong right where you are, right here in my 'hood.

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