Sunday, January 22, 2012


Lately, I've noticed that my dryer takes for-ev-er to ddddrrrr...rrrr..r.rrrrr.....y?yy...yyy?yyyyyyyyy things. 

"Ughhh," my dryer seems to be saying.  "Do I have to?  Do I have to dry your clothes?  But I'm so disinterested."

Today, I was finally all-- LOOK HERE, dryer.  If you don't want to dry my clothes, you really should have thought about that before you became a dryer.  I am going to figure out what your deal is!  I stuck my head all the way in the dryer and peeped around.  In the back, I saw something I hadn't ever noticed before.  Curious, I looked more closely and read:

"Pull to clean lint screen"

Huh, I thought.
I guess I haven't really cleaned the lint thing in...well, how long have I lived here?
Five months?

That could be the problem, I thought.  (Because, you see-- I catch on quickly.)

I opened the lint trap, and sure enough, five months worth of lint was barely contained:

Don't most dryers, like, make a noise or something?  Don't dryers typically alert you to the presence of fire-hazard amounts of lint buildup?  Not the Frankendryer though-- he's never made a peep.  

I cleaned out the lint as thoroughly as I could.  The dryer is still a bit slow though- it still takes two full cycles to dry a load.  I wonder if there's some other maintenance step I'm missing?  Or, maybe the Frankendryer just always had other aspirations and is tired of his life heating the moisture out of my laundered clothes.  Maybe he'd rather be dressed up like a million dollar trooper?  Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper?  Maybe he'd just rather be puttin' on the ritz, Frankenstein style.  

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