Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Thank you for contacting the Wrecks-N-Effect (WNE) Administration.  We like the way you brush your hair, we like the stylish clothes you wear.  We appreciate your solicitation for perusal of information pertaining to the Frankenstein House.  As an agency, we have two main goals:

  1. Provide updates on slow progress made towards the Frankenstein House's increasing habitability, and; 
  2. Encourage rumpshaking.

In pursuit of these two strategic goals, we present the below evidence of before/in-between/sort-of-approaching-after for a room in the Frankenstein House that has shown general movement in the overall direction of habitable habitability.  (At the Wrecks-N-Effect Administration, we often coordinate 'hand in glove' with the Department of Redundancy Department, though those meetings can take a quite a long time.)

Living Room: Before, In-Between, and Sort-Of-Approaching-After

Before:  You know, this isn't terrible.  But it was not for me.

In-between:  Executing the WNE Administration Painting Junkpile Strategic Plan.
The grey color on the walls is Behr Manhattan Mist, and I love it.   

Sort-of-approaching-after, looking up:
First of all, as I've mentioned-- no more boob light.


Sort-of-approaching-after, to the right:
The Administration has moved the junkpile to the coffee table.

Sort-or-approaching-after, to the left:
So those walls are...pretty bare.
My parents helped me with this room while they were here last month, which was lovely!  Many lessons were learned in the appropriate improvised use of bolts when you want to reunite an Ikea couch with its long-lost accompanying chaise (long story short-- it's possible, and not too hard if you know what to do, and requires 4" bolts.)  

Also, in the second sort-of-approaching-after photo above, you can see a thrift store item I purchased yesterday with Rachael who-- as the good Amoeba Music citizen she is-- wanted me to have a place to store my music, and in particular, my records.  Apparently, storing your records flat on their backs is bad for them?  So, this handy thing stores the records on their sides, and also stores other music-related things:

you can't see the cassettes in this picture,
but oh-- they're there.

When I first got this home, I had to clean the cobwebs off-- and, as it turned out, also had to kill a spider that was living in it.   Once it was clean and de-spidered, it still needed to be painted.  The original paint was white, but it was old and noticeably chipped in several places.  Luckily, the sellers left lots of different kinds of paint in the basement.  A few coats of acrylic latex semi-gloss paint later, the music storage situation looked much improved.  

Are you supposed to paint wood with acrylic latex semi-gloss paint?  Don't know.  

This gave me the opportunity to unpack a lot of my CDs (because here at the WNE Administration, we still have CDs; nostalgia is a big factor for us).  My CD collection is so disorganized that most of the CDs are not in their proper cases.  For example:

I saw this and thought:  Oh, I want to listen to this! 
oh, um...oh, I guess I have that Morcheeba album

Relatedly, I have no idea why I have this or what it means in general-- but there is no way I'm giving it up:

So, it looks better than it has; however, things need to be hung on walls and obsolete technology collections need to be organized.  Thank you for contacting the Wrecks-N-Effect Administration.  It's just the little things you do that make us want to get with you.  Please zooomazoomzoom.  Please also a-boomboom. Thank you for shaking your rump.