Thursday, September 8, 2011


too hot.  too hot, too hot.  too hot in the house.  i can't think.  it's too hot.  i can't sleep at night.  in the day, can't think.  too hot, stop being so hot, how can it be so hot, why so hot.  can't use the AC, 'cause the windows are old and stupid, and my house is up on a hill, up at the top of a pile of heat where all the wild heat comes to roost on my roof and never leaves, just squatting heat on my roof.  the roof guy told me having a white roof would help with the heat, but he lied, 'cause it's hot.  everything bothers me, when it's so hot.  i sit with the fan, like this, 'cause it's hot.  well, it's not 'hot.'  ugh, it's just hot.

if you whine into a fan on the internets, does it make a sound?
well, no.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Some homeowners out there are amazing.  Give them 50 cents, a handful of popsicle sticks, a bottle of spit and a weekend, and they whip up a beautiful 'built-in wall-length desk for two' or something.  There are people out there who do Big Home Things.

I can't do that.  But, I can buy things!  To me, buying Small Home Things is one of the fun parts of owning a home.  Small things keep you going!  Shopping is usually more immediately gratifying than the longer-term Big House Things projects like, you know, your beautiful desk-for-two building.  Or, in my case, your painting...and then painting some more.  

However, I've bought two small things recently that are not living up to their full potential yet.  I really like these things, but they're sort of just existing in the chaos right now, rather than having the effect that I think/hope they will eventually.  First:

i LOVE these things.
but, they do sort of look like
2 Heathers with 3 Mommies.

I got these on sale from CB2.   I am so irrationally into these things!  Someday, when my dining room table is not doubling as my desk, these will make a delightful table centerpiece. They're candleholders, but I am really enjoying them in their current incarnation, not holding candles at all.

The second Small Things purchase I made recently, but haven't been able to use to its full potential yet is:


I got these at a hotel surplus store, this odd refuge in Van Nuys for castoff hotel items.  First of all -- Van Nuys.  Doesn't Van Nuys make you kind of sad?  Just the idea of Van Nuys sets off a small wave of angst in me.  Certain parts of LA do that-- they force me into a heightened awareness of my mortality.  As Nikki Sixx said: I don't want to die, out here in the Valley.

But, mortality aside, I enjoy these architectural drawing-reproduction things.  I'm not sure what to do with them yet though.  I'm not sure I love the basic black frames, but I'm also not sure what other style or color of frame would give the extra somethin-somethin I'm looking for.  The writing on them is in French-- even though the buildings are different, the writing along the bottom of both says:

6 Toises.
A Paris chez l'auteur Rue St. Jacques au Chariot d'Or.  Avec Privilege du Roy.

I think this means:
6 Times.
That's how often this autistic guy Jacques made me watch "Chariots of Fire,"
because that's what Roy wanted to do in Paris.

I will have to think about how to frame these.  I thought about putting them together in one big frame, but I think they'll be better separate.  I'm kind of into this frame, and this one might be good too!  I think these will end up in the office somehow.  That seems to be where they should hang out. 

But, alas, I think I'm getting ahead of myself.  Small Things are fun, but first things first-- before I can re-frame things or hang them on walls or enjoy vaguely polyamorous table centerpieces, I need to finish the painting, the unpacking, the light-fixture changing, the bed setting up.  I'm running a little low on enthusiasm for the Big House Things, for the work of getting the basics of home in place.   But there's just a bit more to go.  Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, I can really truly finish moving in to the house.   By then, it will have been about three months since I first moved in.  Not exactly instant gratification, but...eventual gratification?  I think I'm shooting for eventual gratification in the setting up of the Frankenhouse.