Thursday, December 8, 2011


You know you live in LA when you come home to find one of these taped to your garage...

Hmmmm.  What will this mean?

...well, two of them actually (one in English and one in Spanish):

So, I get free tickets to the movie?

From the notice, it looks like most of the filming will take place in two segments: first, tomorrow and Saturday, from 4pm-8am, and then again next Friday and Saturday at the same times.

Friday night, really?  And overnight to Saturday, from 4pm-8am?  Two weekends in a row?  Heaven forbid anyone around here be planning to have a quincea├▒era, or a kid's birthday party or any other celebration.  Why would anyone shoot anything at the absolute most congested time of LA's weekly congestionfest?  I mean, not that my neighborhood streets are super congested with traffic.  But they are pretty packed with street parking-- and from the description, it seems like there will be quite the influx movie people and their cars.  That whole middle chunk of the announcement is devoted to detail on where the Film Invaders will be parking.

The lower middle section of the notice is devoted to street closures.  Mmmmm.  Good, sure.  Close my streets to make your movie, fine.  But wouldn't it be nice if you gave me free tickets to your movie when it's done?

And just what will this movie be, I wonder?  This is the scene they are shooting, verbatim from the notice:

EXTERIOR SINGLE SHOT, 1/2 LOAD GUNFIRE & SIMULATED BULLET EFFECTS.  (location is listed in parenthesis-- it's very close) 12/09, 12/16-12/17, 4PM-8AM.

[What?  Are they going to survey me and ask me how I feel about simulated bullet effects?  Well, if they ask, I will tell them it'll just be like when my neighbors set off illegal fireworks on random Tuesday nights.  No different than that, really-- carry on.]

Driving scene, Driving shots, Intermittent pedestrian control, Intermittent traffic control- 2 minute standard (except 0700-0900 hrs & 1500-1900 hrs), Equipment on sidewalk, In curb lane & across street, Exterior Dialogue, Rain effects, Wetdown, Man running across street, Neatly stacked prop trash bags on sidewalk, Banners on street lamps, and newspaper boxes., Steam effects.  Generator.  Picture vehicles.

[So, in the film industry, we Capitalize everything that comes, After a comma?  Sometimes, we also have a period., Before a comma.  We also distinguish between 'rain effects' and 'wetdown,' which I am extremely curious about.  But thank heaven those prop trash bags will be 'neatly stacked'-- whew!]

Simulated bullet effects!  Wetdowns!  Men running across streets!  Banners on street lamps!  PICTURE VEHICLES?!  I am kind of excited, I have to admit.  Where on earth could this all be going?  What will this movie finally turn out to be?  The notice also makes reference to a 'base camp' for extras.  Extras!  I want to corner a bored extra and ask them what this is all about.  And., Ask how they have the audacity to not provide me free tickets!

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  1. How bizarre! But I guess it's to be expected given your zip code. Love the title of the post and the writing mechanics analysis. I'm looking forward to hearing what the extras have to say and if you become one of them.