Thursday, December 15, 2011


New windows are, theoretically, being installed tomorrow.  More on that saga later.  Tonight, I was moving furniture, trying to get things away from the windows and thus away from the dirt and debris that I'm sure will end up on the inside of the house from the installation.

In doing that, this happened:


I was thinking I'd put this chair in the second bedroom, away from the kitchen window it sits under during its everyday life.  In trying to do that, I got stuck playing an unplanned round of "How Wide Are Your Hallways?"  Ohhh man.  This is not an extraordinarily wide chair.  It's a totally normal width, ready to accept rear ends of regular sizes!  My hallway, however, was not ready to accept my chair.

Um, so-- how wide are your hallways?
Nooooot very!

(You may be wondering how many more times I'm going to post pictures of things stuck in my hallways.  My answer is-- probably several more times.)

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  1. this makes me laugh! because the hallways are narrower than most but that's what makes it special. can you turn the chair sideways and upside down?