Saturday, October 15, 2011


OK, so maybe things didn't go as planned with the whole attic fan thing.  However, there are a few very cute new, small things in my house that I enjoy.  It's fun when things work out!

Small cute new thing(s) #1:

how cute are these?  HOW CUTE?  SOOOO CUUUUUTE!

There are times when I feel particular truths to be so thoroughly true that I take a stand and I say: if you do  not agree with me, then I do not know who you are.  This, my friends, is one of those times.  These are coasters, as you have no doubt surmised.  But not just any coasters, any old regular coasters from your neighborhood coaster store.  No.  These coasters wouldn't even understand the word 'coaster' if you said it to them, because these coasters are from Colombia.  Obviously, they speak Spanish, so they only answer to 'portavasos.'*  If you said, Hey Colombian portavasos, what are those pictures on you?  They would say:  Oye, que te creis, soy portavasos, no estoy para conversar contigo.**  Which translates as: charming scenes from Bogota and Santander!  Are these not totally cute?

This is a time when I draw a line in the sand.  If you do not appreciate these portavasos, I do not know who you are.  You are either with me and the portavasos, or you are against us.

Small cute new thing #2:

love this!  love love love.
Those French architecture pictures found a home!

Because I am not skilled in basic things that most people know how to do, I have a thing about hanging up pictures.  Luckily, my brother is not like this.  Quite happily for me, he came over the other day and said:

Hey, you want me to hang pictures on your wall?

And I said: ohmygosh, YES.  That would be awesome.

After he hung several things on the wall and the house looked more like a home than it ever has, we had these 4 pieces left.  He said:

Hey, what if I just put them up on the mantle and lean them against the wall, like this?

And I said: ohmyGOSH, YES.  That looks awesome!

So, there they are, living happily ever after, on the mantle-- all thanks to a flash of my brother's brilliance.  It's a small thing, but every time I look at it, it makes me happy.

Small cute new thing(s) #3:

same on the outside...

Hmmm, you say.  Sure, those are cute...they are...little cups, right?  Little cups with different designs on the inside?  They are pretty, but what are they?

...different on the inside!

These are measuring cups!  Officially the loveliest measuring cups I've ever seen in the history of my existence!  And they are mine!  They are mine, thanks to Kelly, who got these as a birthday present for me.  They're so pretty, and they remind me how I used to cook all the time and I really haven't for a while.  How can cooking be a chore when I have such a delightful way to measure ingredients?  These, plus the matryeshka measuring spoons I got from Elke last year make me want to find a recipe with A LOT of measuring to do, and then happily measure with all my fun measuring implements.

the candle that upgraded my bathroom

Kelly also got me this candle, which smells like looooooooveliness.  If loveliness has a smell, it is this.  Also, the container it comes in is preeeetty.   It makes me feel like I have a nicer bathroom than I actually do!

The cups and the candle are from Anthropologie, of course.  Because that store is wall-to-wall adorable, all cuteness, all the time.

When I get excited about things, I tend to uuuuuse a loooooot of vooooowels, as you can see.  It's nice to have so many reasons to exaggeraaaaaaaate my woooorrrrrds so much!


*Not a word I knew until I asked the woman in the shop where I bought these:
-Me: Esta...ehm, esta cuestion, ?como le dicen ustedes?
--Shoplady:  (pauses, laughs) Portavasos.

**This is not really what they would say.  If they said this, that would be sort of rude.  Also, not very Colombian in word choice.

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