Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Some homeowners out there are amazing.  Give them 50 cents, a handful of popsicle sticks, a bottle of spit and a weekend, and they whip up a beautiful 'built-in wall-length desk for two' or something.  There are people out there who do Big Home Things.

I can't do that.  But, I can buy things!  To me, buying Small Home Things is one of the fun parts of owning a home.  Small things keep you going!  Shopping is usually more immediately gratifying than the longer-term Big House Things projects like, you know, your beautiful desk-for-two building.  Or, in my case, your painting...and then painting some more.  

However, I've bought two small things recently that are not living up to their full potential yet.  I really like these things, but they're sort of just existing in the chaos right now, rather than having the effect that I think/hope they will eventually.  First:

i LOVE these things.
but, they do sort of look like
2 Heathers with 3 Mommies.

I got these on sale from CB2.   I am so irrationally into these things!  Someday, when my dining room table is not doubling as my desk, these will make a delightful table centerpiece. They're candleholders, but I am really enjoying them in their current incarnation, not holding candles at all.

The second Small Things purchase I made recently, but haven't been able to use to its full potential yet is:


I got these at a hotel surplus store, this odd refuge in Van Nuys for castoff hotel items.  First of all -- Van Nuys.  Doesn't Van Nuys make you kind of sad?  Just the idea of Van Nuys sets off a small wave of angst in me.  Certain parts of LA do that-- they force me into a heightened awareness of my mortality.  As Nikki Sixx said: I don't want to die, out here in the Valley.

But, mortality aside, I enjoy these architectural drawing-reproduction things.  I'm not sure what to do with them yet though.  I'm not sure I love the basic black frames, but I'm also not sure what other style or color of frame would give the extra somethin-somethin I'm looking for.  The writing on them is in French-- even though the buildings are different, the writing along the bottom of both says:

6 Toises.
A Paris chez l'auteur Rue St. Jacques au Chariot d'Or.  Avec Privilege du Roy.

I think this means:
6 Times.
That's how often this autistic guy Jacques made me watch "Chariots of Fire,"
because that's what Roy wanted to do in Paris.

I will have to think about how to frame these.  I thought about putting them together in one big frame, but I think they'll be better separate.  I'm kind of into this frame, and this one might be good too!  I think these will end up in the office somehow.  That seems to be where they should hang out. 

But, alas, I think I'm getting ahead of myself.  Small Things are fun, but first things first-- before I can re-frame things or hang them on walls or enjoy vaguely polyamorous table centerpieces, I need to finish the painting, the unpacking, the light-fixture changing, the bed setting up.  I'm running a little low on enthusiasm for the Big House Things, for the work of getting the basics of home in place.   But there's just a bit more to go.  Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, I can really truly finish moving in to the house.   By then, it will have been about three months since I first moved in.  Not exactly instant gratification, but...eventual gratification?  I think I'm shooting for eventual gratification in the setting up of the Frankenhouse.

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