Thursday, September 8, 2011


too hot.  too hot, too hot.  too hot in the house.  i can't think.  it's too hot.  i can't sleep at night.  in the day, can't think.  too hot, stop being so hot, how can it be so hot, why so hot.  can't use the AC, 'cause the windows are old and stupid, and my house is up on a hill, up at the top of a pile of heat where all the wild heat comes to roost on my roof and never leaves, just squatting heat on my roof.  the roof guy told me having a white roof would help with the heat, but he lied, 'cause it's hot.  everything bothers me, when it's so hot.  i sit with the fan, like this, 'cause it's hot.  well, it's not 'hot.'  ugh, it's just hot.

if you whine into a fan on the internets, does it make a sound?
well, no.


  1. haha!! soo funny. i don't even have ac right now and i'm burning up!

    i used to sing to the fan!! it always sounds pretty funny x

  2. I did that too as a kid! RIght now, I can't use my AC so I'm leaning in to my most giantest fan and going aaaaaooooooooooaaaahhhhhhhhh. Well, I guess that's not singing...more like making alien invasion noises. But still. Making noise into a fan is a satisfying thing to do.

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  4. Have you tried wearing wet clothes, cold showers or putting some clothes in the freezer for awhile? That's what I do. & put "more ceiling fans" on your xmas list.