Sunday, September 11, 2011


So usually, in a house, you have lights.  In general, illumination is domestically necessary.  Personally though, I have an even greater need than most people for the feel of light in a home.  My relatively small Frankenstein House has approximately 1,287 light fixtures.  This is part of why I liked the house so much.  I need light!  I like an extra-large helping of brightness for all my home activities, including:

  • watching TV
  • talking to my dog about what's on TV
  • staring at the boxes I still haven't unpacked
  • avoiding sweeping the floor

While the effect of all the lights was lovely, the fixtures through which those lights shone were outdated.  Not outdated in the hip-again! sense.  Nope.  Just outdated in the left-behind? sense.  The light fixtures are one of the first things I've tried to change/update/unfrankify about the Frankenstein House.  Mostly because the updating process involves a lot of shopping, and then hiring, and zero DIY.

Previously, the house had a strange assortment of light fixtures that included spit bubbles, ET light fingers, and pointy-bra boobs. Today, I'm happy to say we've gotten almost all the way out with the old and in with the new, thanks to Home Depot, Lamps Plus, my Handy Lady, and BillTed, the Excellent Electrician.

Befores, and afters!

1.  Guest bathroom, before and after:

before: spit bubble
after: not a spit bubble

also, feel free to notice how well
the new sink fixture goes with the light fixture!
they are fixtures of a feather, flocking together.

2.  Main bathroom, before and after:

before: ET's finger
after: deco-ish rectangles.
no phoning home in here.

3.  My bedroom, before, before, and after:

before: would you like a close up of that light?
here it is.

what do you make of this?
I think: rococo rocket launcher.

before: yes, that was really the ceiling.
also really the light.

after: ahhh, now-- no more strangely sad painted ceiling clouds,
no more rococo rocket launcher light.

4.  Hallway and reading nook, before and after:

before: this was the fixture in the hallways,
and in the reading nook at the front of the house

after: hallway now
after: reading nook now

5.  Living room, before, after, and after:

before: boob light 

after: ceiling fan, with boob light hangover
after: ceiling fan, now with barely visible boob light hangover
thank you, Mary Squared, for leaving 
white paint in the basement

6. Dining room, before and after:

after: less red chamber, more me.
feel free to ignore the clutter on the built-in.

before: not altogether terrible,
but in person, the red was REALLY RED RED RED,
and the light brought to mind the word "chamber"

After all that, still two more light fixture changes to go:
7.  Office
8.  Kitchen nook

Those are still in the before stages.  Once I have lights installed for those areas, that'll be it!   The All-the-Way-There Remix, coming soon.


  1. You wanted all this grey but didn't move to Portland or Seattle (where houses are cheaper). Explain.

  2. I don't have an issue with the grey in Portland-- I can't live there because I'm not cool enough.