Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Thank you for contacting the Wrecks-N-Effect Administration.  All we wanna do is zooma zoomzoomzoom, and also, a-boom-boom.  Please shake your rump.  Our first goal is to assist homeowners in obtaining information about what living through a home re-do is like.  Our second goal is to lower expectations for how the Frankenstein House will look once the re-making is over.  Because, as Wrecks-N-Effect Administration's mom recently pointed out, HGTV shows the before and after-- someone else needs to show what's in between.

To wit, here are before/in-between shots of several of the rooms that have been painted, but are far from being totally put together.

Dining room, before:

actually not that bad.  just really, really red.
like eating dinner in a tube of lipstick.

Dining room, in between:

ah. the comfort of grey walls.
and lightbulbs that are not exposed.

 Living room, before:
yeah, I mean, this doesn't actually look that bad.
i wonder how they got the floors so shiny?
this is the mustard yellow paint I killed with my blood, sweat, and tears.

Living room, in between:

so yeah, the color is different!  than it was before!  now it's light grey!
to go with the darker grey in the dining room!  i swear, it makes sense...
the pictures might not show..well...sigh.

Kitchen, before:
OK, I know this looks sort of cute.
But, that brown wall at the back!  What?!

Kitchen, in between:
in person, it's a very lovely yellow.  it's a yellow hug.

Bedroom, before:
sistine chapel ceiling that I wasn't sure I could/should paint over,
with rococo rocket-launcher light fixture.
also, while I like grey, this was pretty dark, and this bedroom is 8'x8'.

(why yes, that is cardboard in the window.)

Bedroom, in between:
sistine chapel ceiling is no more.  sort of sad!
but also makes the house feel more like it's mine.

wall color is just meant to be a neutral as a base
 for more color and texture in the stuff in the room.

That was a lot of caption-based explanation.  Here at the Wrecks-N-Effect Administration, we believe in giving you explanation of our choices, regardless of whether you need or want such explanations.  We believe you may be thinking, 'wow, it all looked really cute before-- why did you mess with it?'  If this is the case, we have successfully achieved our strategic goal of lowering expectations.  The Wrecks-N-Effect Administration will post additional expectation-lowering images in the weeks to come.  Zoomazoomzoomzoom and a-boomboom.  Please shake your rump.  Thank you.

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