Tuesday, July 26, 2011


You know what I like?  I like a list.

Not a useful list, not a list for organizational purposes.  I do not like a list of things to buy at the grocery store.  Because I can't be tied down like that, man.  I have to be free, I need space to roam, I want all my produce options open.  Why should I commit to spinach before I even see what the arugula looks like?  Something deep in my brain recoils from creating useful lists.   Not that I don't try!  Me will sometimes say to Myself:

Me: You should make a list of things you need from Home Depot today, and then a list of house tasks in order or priority. 

Myself:  [rubs eyes] wait, wha?  

Me: Yes!  That is what organized, functional adults do, they make lists!  Make a list like that, and then you can add how long you expect each task to take, how much you expect each one to cost, things like that.

Myself:  [rolls eyes]  hey-- shhhh.

My and Myself both like a different kind of list.  Whatever the opposite of useful is, it's that kind of list.  A not-useful list.  Notably not-useful lists sometimes form themselves in my general vicinity, and they often involve comparisons of one thing to another.  I'll find myself realizing-- oh my gosh, this thing is like that thing!  And so:

Ways In Which a Interior Paint is Like a Contractor
  • Both can have a big influence on the way a room turns out.
  • Both may benefit from being 'primed,' as it were.
  • It's important to have one you like, but you won't know if you like it/him/her until you give it/him/her a try, and all this trying can be, well, trying.
  • Both are really boring to watch dry.  
Often, in these 'this is like that!' moments, Me is very amused by Myself.

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