Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I think one of my biggest fears when it comes to the Frankenstein House is that I am, at base, a special case when it comes to doing it yourself.  Well, myself.  Very very special case, myself.  Myself is one of those people who somehow can't quite figure out what is obvious to everyone else.   When it comes to practical things-- and what's more practical than homeownership?-- I am an irretrievably special case.  I'm turning out to be great at finding and hiring other people to do things for me.  I am markedly less good at doing anything myself.

Today's adventure in special caseness was priming walls for paint samples.  Right now, the living room and dining room are in what I like to call a ketchup-and-mustard scheme; the dining room is ketchupy red and the adjacent living room is mustard-browny yellow.  Not the color combo for me.

So, normal people, they paint.  I imagine that normal people know how to do this?  I feel like I need to take a class or something.   Should it really take three coats of primer  to block out the ketchup and hold the mustard?  I think someone else, a less special case, would have figured out how to do it with less:



I couldn't figure out at first where or how to use the painter's tape.  I used a spatula to stir the primer, because that's what occurred to me.   I inadvertently primed my hair because I started in the middle of the wall, then bent over to get the parts of the wall close to the baseboard:

so so weird that I'm still single...

Tomorrow, back to the paint again.  Today was priming so that I can try out new paint colors on the walls tomorrow.  Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll forget something, or paint myself, or my dog, or inhale a nosefull of paint, or...generally continue to be a Special Case of the Practical Things.


  1. Red is really, really hard to cover! Although, I think it's okay for it to show a bit through the primer. I like yo' hair. Love, me.

  2. Every time I read this you make me laugh like a fool, thanks and please keep sharing!