Thursday, July 21, 2011


What was it that Michael Jackson said about colors?  He wasn't going to spend his life being one?  But he sort of did anyway.

And what was it Ice T said?  I believe it was: Colors, colors, colors, colors, colors, colors, colors.  Which, I mean-- he has a point.

Specifically, a point about paint colors.  Is there a Grey Gang?  A Gang of Grey?  The Grey Geese?  If so, I'd join that gang.  Grey has sort of become my favorite color.  Maybe the jumping in would require me to artfully deploy grey in a sartorial context, or distinguish taupe from green undertones in grey interior paint, or...kill another color with grey.

Because I enjoy grey so much, I thought it'd be a lovely, neutral backdrop for my living and dining rooms, and then I'd derive more interest from accent colors and layers of texture.   Something like this:

thank you, Kelly, for teaching me to search the internets
for pictures of other people's grey rooms!

grey walls!  fun contrast colors!  texture!  it's good.

I was all excited!  I told my brother about my plans.  He said: GREY?  What, because you want to live in a jail cell?  You like bright colors!  Which, I mean, yes, I do.  But-- no.  I will have grey walls.  I know this will come to pass.  It will be thus.

I bought five-- FIVE-- samples of grey paint.  My idea is to paint the living room and the adjoining dining room different versions of a similar grey.  I painted each of my five greys on my dining room wall.  The results are in...but I don't know what they mean.

I's this.  

The grey on the left (the more bluish one) is called dolphin grey.  As my mom pointed out, it doesn't really look grey here, unless you cover all the other greys with your hand.  Then, magically, it does look grey!  I like that one.  But I don't see any of the other greys going with it as the color for the other room.  Also, I'm not totally sure about a bluish grey for the dining room somehow?  But then what kind of grey do I want for the dining room?  I also like the grey at the very top, but I couldn't remember which grey that was.  But then I hear my brother's voice in my head saying 'jail cell,' and I think: does that grey seem a bit cold?  

For good measure, I painted the colors on the living room wall also, to see whether that would confirm my liking of the dolphin grey or the other grey.  But, since I hadn't thought to associate the colors on the wall with their names (except for dolphin grey), I wasn't sure which was the other grey I wanted.  So, I decided to make sure I painted the names of the colors next to the sample areas:

can you spot the animal in this picture?
I think the other grey I like is the PG, which is pearl grey.  I think I don't like the CB grey.  I forget what that actually stands for, but in my mind, it's Cinder Block.  

But do I like any of these greys enough?  I thought I did.  But now I don't know!  What if pearl grey is too grey?  What if dolphin grey is too blue?  The pearl grey might look good in one room with the PM color in the other room.  I forget what PM stands for, so I'm calling it Prime Minister.  What if I had Prime Minister in the dining room and pearl grey in the living room?  Would that work?

To paraphrase Ice T: Questions, questions, questions, questions, questions, questions.  I think I'm going back to get a few more samples to try again.  However, to paraphrase Michael Jackson, I'm not going to spend my life picking a color.  I need to get this done and move on to more pressing issues at the Frankenstein House.

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  1. I got a shout out! CB is no good. PG I like, question mark I think I'd like if it were dry, and PM is okay?