Monday, July 18, 2011


All of the lights in my bathrooms.  Extra bad, I want y'all to see this:
Sort of like the wall is blowing a spit bubble
This one above is in the smaller 3/4 bath.   
What. On. Earth?  
It's this odd goldy plastickish crystal ball in the wall.

This bathroom is very basic, not much character or charm.  Shower stall, small white vanity,  toilet.  The end.   So, I'm not sure exactly where to turn for inspiration in searching for a new light fixture.  One option might be:

Not that interesting, but maybe better than a spit bubble?  I'm not too sure about this one, actually.  It makes me want to walk like an Egyptian. 

Maybe this next one?

But this one makes me think of children playing Red Rover.  Red Rovering people right into the bathroom wall.  Who wants that?  I don't want that.  Nobody wants to be Red Rovered into a bathroom wall by a light fixture.

Then, there's the light fixture in the full bathroom:

ET's finger, phoning home.  In my bathroom.
This is in the larger, full bath.  This fixture teases me.  Oh, sure, it looks like it's about to make sense, in the context of this very very 1950s bathroom-- this one is porcelain!  It's adorned with little pastel pink and blue accents!  But -- why does it just have the one, giant light finger poking out of it?

This bathroom has a bit more of a sense of its goofy self.  So, options for this bathroom are a bit easier to find, but I still face...decisions.  Like this:

Is that too strong of a statement?  Are the rectangles too much?  I worry.  So for a less strong statement, we have droopy flowers.  Sleeepy flowers!  So so sleepy, little light fixture flowers:

Then, there's the light in my bedroom:

Torpedoes. 1950s pointy-bra boobs. Many possible points of reference.

Yes.  That's the ceiling, and that's the light fixture in my bedroom.  Do I paint over that Sistene Chapel ceiling?  I should, but some part of me doesn't want to.  I realize that is weird.  But this light fixture is cool, and it would sort of go, oddly, with the Sistene Chapel, in a very literal way:

Well, now that I think about that, I don't like it all that much.  I need to talk down the part of me that can't bring itself to paint over the Sistene Chapel.  That part of me that says: Someone put a lot of work into that!  It's disrespectful to slather paint all over it.  That ceiling IS history! 

But...but I don't think I can keep it.  The house has enough, um, history.  I need to make the house a little less weird.  Handyman is, handily, coming next week.  That will help, with the bathrooms at least.  But then there's the rest of the house...might be a while before I want you to see all of the lights.


See also the before/after update post, All of the Lights: The Remix!


  1. I prefer rectangles to sleepy flowers. Love, your most devoted blog follower

  2. So... what did you decide? Do yo have fixtures? I like the idea of the vanity fixtures - like many spit bubbles surrounding a mirror...

    Is that an option?

  3. vanity spit bubbles! heehee! I did get a new fixture for that bathroom. There are a few more light fixtures I want to get installed, and then I'll do a post of before/after.